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NUJ condemns attack on photographer in Belfast

17 July 2013: NUJ has condemned an assault on a French press photographer, which happened during rioting in east Belfast.

NUJ condemns latest threat to journalists in Northern Ireland

11 June 2013: The PSNI have informed a journalist that dissident republicans have issued a death threat against them.

Make Your Local News Work (Belfast)

29 May 2013: Job cuts across all titles in local and regional newspapers mean that council and planning meetings and courts are not being covered.

Journalists' safety seminar

18 March 2013: A panel of national and international speakers will present practical workshops on safety for journalists working in conflict zones and in public order situations.

International Women's Day Celebration - Belfast

20 February 2013: "Unionism, nationalism and women's fight for the vote: understanding different views through discussion and debate" - illustrated talk.

NUJ condemns bullet in post

8 January 2013: The National Union of Journalists has expressed grave concern at confirmation that the Police Service Northern Ireland has intercepted a letter containing a bullet addressed to a Belfast-based journalist.

Belfast attack condemned

18 December 2012: The NUJ has condemned the attack on Belfast Telegraph journalist Adrian Rutherford.

Production order ruling is a 'grave disappointment' says NUJ

5 December 2012: The NUJ has expressed grave disappointment at the decision of a court in Northern Ireland to compel photographers to hand over footage of the riots in Belfast on 12 July 2012.

Are you ready to go? TUC demo #Oct20

19 October 2012: Get active and attend the TUC events in London, Glasgow and Belfast on Saturday 20 October 2012.

Guarded NUJ welcome for death threat assurance

20 August 2012: The NUJ has given a guarded welcome to a UDA statement saying that the association does not condone or take responsibility for death threats to a Belfast journalist.

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