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DM2011: President Pete Murray stresses importance of marches

5 April 2011: Pete Murray, NUJ President, opened the NUJ delegate conference in Southport by stressing the importance of recent marches and rallies against the cuts programmes of the UK and Irish governments.

BBC World Service campaign brought to Westminster

18 March 2011: The campaign against the BBC World Service cuts has been boosted by a parliamentary public meeting and the launch of a new campaign video.

BBC World Service cuts off Europe

9 March 2011: British tourists and workers abroad hoping to keep up with news at home whilst on the continent this summer can forget about it, the NUJ has advised.

BBC World Service axe falls on Macedonia broadcasts

4 March 2011: Another voice of independent news and information has been silenced with the closure of the BBC World Service's Macedonia division.

'Cultural vandalism' – international response to BBC World Service cuts

24 February 2011: The axe will fall on vital BBC World Service transmissions this week as a result of government funding cuts.

BBC "destroyed in an onslaught of a thousand cuts" - NUJ

15 February 2011: The BBC has announced job cuts in its current affairs department.

Egyptian blackout 'underlines need for World Service'

1 February 2011: The Mubarak regime's blackout of internet services in Egypt underlines the importance of protecting the BBC World Service from savage cuts which would deny balanced reporting to people across the globe, the NUJ says.

Foreign Office urged to fund World Service

1 February 2011: The government's strategy of promoting democratic values and international human rights while inflicting deadly cuts on the BBC World Service would baffle observers across the globe, the NUJ said.

World Service staff welcome inquiry into cuts

31 January 2011: BBC World Service journalists have welcomed the decision of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee to hold an inquiry into planned cuts in jobs and services at the internationally-respected broadcaster.

BBC World Service faces hundreds of job cuts

25 January 2011: The NUJ has reacted angrily to the announcement that more than 600 jobs and important international services are to be axed as a result of government cuts to BBC World Service funding.

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