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NUJ welcomes 100 new jobs at BBC Scotland and Local News

23 February 2017: Union welcomes an increase in media jobs.

Love it or Lose it - Save the BBC

1 July 2015: The BBC's funding and future as a public service broadcaster's is being decided by the government.The NUJ is campaigning for an independent, well-managed and properly-funded corporation.

Licence fee fairest way to fund BBC

26 February 2015: DCMS select committee says licence fee the best alternative at present, the BBC Trust should be scrapped and a new quango should scrutinise the corporation.

Ballot for strike action called for at BBC

10 June 2014: A ballot for action over pay called by members who want an end to excessive executive salaries and a radical reform of the BBC's structures.

Failure of BBC's £100 million digital project a "shocking waste of money"

24 May 2013: Days after the BBC upped its paltry pay offer by a measly £50, it has announced that it is to scrap its Digital Media Initiative and is writing off the project, which has cost almost £100 million.

Murdoch bully-boy tactics revealed at Leveson Inquiry

12 June 2012: The NUJ has called the revelations a shocking indictment of how the media mogul has attempted to use his influence to undermine British democracy and triumphantly pitch his commercial interests against the BBC.

Welsh government urged to set up expert media panel

16 May 2012: Wales Assembly Members have recommended that the Welsh Government should establish a forum to monitor the media industries in Wales.

Did the Murdoch empire influence the BBC licence fee freeze?

10 May 2012: The decision in October 2010 on the licence fee was taken in an unprecedented fashion – without the normal process of public scrutiny – and behind closed doors.

Take action – stop the BBC paying Murdoch

30 January 2012: The BBC is forced to hand over tens of millions to Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB every year, under a hugely unfair law unprecedented in any other country.

BBC cuts 'put UK's creative industry at risk'

21 December 2011: Cuts proposed at the BBC – which will result in the loss of 2,000 jobs – will have a huge adverse impact on the UK’s creative industries sector, research commissioned by the NUJ reveals.

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