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IFJ condemns Israel’s announcement to shut down Al Jazeera

7 August 2017: Global union federation responds to Israeli government plan to close offices in Jerusalem, revoke journalists' credentials and shut down the network.

Bahrain must stop media intimidation & closures

28 June 2017: The government must be held responsible for the loss of jobs and the further narrowing of space for independent journalism.

Stop attacking Al Jazeera, demands NUJ

16 June 2017: Union strongly condemns the Saudi authorities and their alliances as they clamp down on freedom of expression and the media.

UK trade unions highlight human rights abuses in Bahrain

25 September 2015: The NUJ has joined with other trade unions in the UK to highlight "widespread and systematic" human rights abuses in Bahrain.

Spotlight on protection of sources and safety on world press freedom day

3 May 2012: The NUJ supported Press Freedom Day by campaigning to protect journalists' safety in the field and by defending their right to protect sources and material.

UK should take the lead in safety for journalists

22 March 2012: MPs called upon the UK government to do more to hold to account regimes that fail to investigate the deaths and incarceration of journalists, in a parliamentary debate.

Journalists and unions attacked in Africa, Middle East and South America

27 May 2011: Journalists and their trade unions in Somalia, Bahrain and Argentina have seen a surge of attacks.

DM2011: President Pete Murray stresses importance of marches

5 April 2011: Pete Murray, NUJ President, opened the NUJ delegate conference in Southport by stressing the importance of recent marches and rallies against the cuts programmes of the UK and Irish governments.