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NUJ in parliament

27 January 2018: Information about the National Union of Journalists' activity in the UK parliament and the NUJ parliamentary group.

DM2014: Subbing hubs - the sweatshops of journalism

12 April 2014: Conference vows to combat newspaper closures, user-generated copy and the “disastrous” subbing-hubs.

MPs call for blacklist for blacklisters

14 March 2014: Parliamentary report calls for blacklisting firms to be banned from publicly funded contracts.

UKIP chairman must withdraw slur on NI journalists

9 April 2013: The President of the National Union of Journalists has called on the Chairman of the UK Independence Party in Northern Ireland "to clearly and unambiguously" withdraw his description of the local media in Armagh and Down as "Provos".

Robinson attack on media dismissed as naïve and disingenuous

24 February 2012: The Northern Ireland First Minister has accused journalists of "talking the Northern Ireland economy down" and of serving what he termed "a daily diet of negativity".

Jobs summit vows to back co-ordinated campaign

26 January 2009: About 150 NUJ members from all sectors of the media have vowed to support a co-ordinated campaign against job cuts and pay freezes.

NI Assembly unites to condemn UTV cuts

26 November 2008: The Northern Ireland Assembly has unanimously called on management at UTV to suspend the company's restructuring and redundancy programme.

Northern Ireland committee backs calls to protect UTV jobs

20 November 2008: A Northern Ireland Assembly committee has strongly backed NUJ calls for the preservation of jobs and the protection of editorial standards at UTV.

MLAs support broadcasting commission for Northern Ireland

18 November 2008: Political support for the campaign to save jobs at UTV is growing, with suggestions that a specialist body investigate broadcasting in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland political leaders urge UTV to halt job cuts

10 November 2008: The leaders of all the main political parties in Northern Ireland have united to urge independent broadcaster UTV to halt proposed jobs cuts at the company.