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Journalists, surveillance and the police: How can the secret state learn to live with the fourth estate?

18 March 2015: Public meeting about journalism, surveillance and the police.

Police undertake not to issue their own press passes again

20 April 2011: NUJ intervention has brought an undertaking that the Lancashire Constabulary will not be issuing their own press passes again.

Police apologise after photographer is handcuffed beside canal

29 March 2011: A photographer who was manhandled to the ground and handcuffed by police has won compensation and an apology with the help of the NUJ.

Police force photographer to delete scene-of-crime shots

2 August 2010: NUJ member and photographer, Carmen ValiƱo, has been threatened with arrest and forced to delete her images while photographing the scene of a shooting in Hackney, East London.

MP releases footage of police 'kettling' journalist

21 April 2009: A Liberal Democrat MP has released video footage of a journalist detained inside a police cordon at one of the G20 protests in London earlier this month.

Kent police apologise for surveillance of journalists

10 March 2009: The NUJ has welcomed Kent police's apology to media workers who were put under surveillance at last year's Climate Camp protest in the county.