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Help recruit members

10 reasons to join the NUJ leafletThe main thing every member of the NUJ can do is recruit more members.

More members means more strength, more security and more impact for the union and its members.

In the workplace, the more people who are members of the NUJ, the more likelihood there is that you can achieve the recognition of your employers and negotiate for better pay and conditions and fight off redundancies.

For freelance journalists, the more freelances who are members, the better opportunity there is to collectively fight copyright grabs, bad contracts and to fight for better fees.

You work in public relations? Join the National Union of Journalists [cover]Sometimes recruiting people is easy. There are times when it is simply a matter of turning to the person sitting next to you in the office and asking them if they want to join. Research has shown that the main reason that people are not in unions is that they've never been asked.

Online joining
You can change that – ask your colleagues or your friends who are journalists to join. It's now easier than ever to join – just direct people to our online joining pages and ask them to fill them in.

The NUJ's membership criteria are broad and sometimes confusing. We've tried to make them more clear on the website, but if you're unsure, please contact and we will help you out.

Get involved
If you want to get more involved in recruitment efforts in the union, the best place to start is locally. Raise the issue at your local branch, particularly if you are aware of workplaces or groups of journalists who are not members of the union.

If you need help, please contact

The union regularly runs courses in recruitment and organising that will provide you with a range of skills and strategy ideas about how to run effective recruitment campaigns. Keep an eye on our upcoming Trade Union Training events to see when the next session is on.

If you think there is enough interest to hold a training event in your local area, please contact

The future of the NUJ is in the hands of every member.