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Safeguarding journalists and their sources

TYPE: Campaigns

... Sign the Press Gazette Save our Sources petition : Please take action to ensure the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act is not used by public authorities to secretly obtain journalists' phone records and ...

TAGS: Communications Data Bill, Communications, Encryption, Surveillance, Ethics, Protection Of Sources, Information Security, Democracy, Journalist Material, Ripa, Communications Data, Whistleblowers, Guardian, Itn, Ifj, Privacy International, Human Rights Watch, Media Entertainment And Arts Alliance, Parliamentary Group, Parliament Uk, 38 Degrees, Fnsi, Snoopers' Charter, European Convention On Human Rights, Campaigns

NUJ praises parliamentary calls for 'snoopers charter' re-think

TYPE: News

... for 'snoopers charter' re-think 11 February 2016 The NUJ has welcomed the criticism of the draft Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) by two parliamentary committees, and backs the call for stronger measures to ...

TAGS: Ripa, Pace, Legislation, Parliament Uk, Echr, Surveillance, Protection Of Sources, Code Of Conduct, Ethics, Whistleblowers

NUJ submissions

TYPE: Pages

... DCMS session on pay at the BBC (January 2018) Joint media submission to the Home Office on the draft investigatory powers communications code of practice. The organisations involved include the Media Lawyers ...

IPB NUJ briefing for public meeting in parliament 11 April

TYPE: Documents

... . Share this Facebook Tweet this Linkedin Digg reddit StumbleUpon Print NUJ briefing: Investigatory Powers Bill, Monday 11 April 2016 The National Union of Journalists is the representative voice for ...

Minutes Policy Committee 26 May 2016

TYPE: Documents

... ARISING There were no matters arising to report. 1618/PC4 CAMPAIGNS AND COMMUNICATIONS REPORT Investigatory Powers Bill Sarah Kavanagh reported that the Queen’s Speech announced the government’s legislation ...

NUJ Active - 22 July, 2016

...   Take action Save our sources : sign, support and share the Press Gazette petition about the Investigatory Powers Bill which will allow state surveillance of every step of a journalistic investigation in the ...

NUJ response to IPA draft codes of practice

TYPE: Documents

... of practice 7 April 2017 Ethics - 328kb PDF NUJ response to the Home Office consultation on the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 draft codes of practice. Submitted 6 April 2017. Your download should start ...

NUJ Active - Friday 5 June

... an end to indiscriminate collection and retention of internet communications as proposed in the investigatory powers bill to give the police and intelligence services even more powers to look at what we do and ...

Justice and Security Act - presentation

TYPE: Documents

... of CMPs since 1997 • SIAC 1997 • NI National Security Certificate Review Tribunal 1998 • POAC 2000 • Investigatory Powers Tribunal 2000 • Employment Tribunals 2000 • Pathogens Access Appeals Commission 2001 • NI ...

NUJ Active - 5 August, 2016

... page . Find out how to apply , the deadline is Friday 26 August. Support Save our sources : the Investigatory Powers Bill will allow state surveillance of every step of a journalistic investigation in the ...

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