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Legislative proposals represent grave threat to UK journalism

TYPE: News

... the ability of journalists to protect their sources and effectively criminalise journalism. Investigatory Powers Bill: Threats to sources, journalistic safeguards and Hollins amendment If the current ...

TAGS: Surveillance, Investigatory Powers Bill, Legislation, Parliament Uk, Parliamentary Group, Press Freedom, Photography, Ethics, Protection Of Sources, Law

NUJ briefing on the TU bill for the Lords debate January 2016

TYPE: Documents

... These new measures include:  issuing financial penalties to unions ranging from £200-2,000  new investigatory powers triggered by non-union members  the ability to initiate investigations and appoint ...

Speak in safety - parliamentary event 11 April

TYPE: News

... campaigners are challenging MPs to boost safety and confidentiality measures in the controversial investigatory powers bill, before it is rushed into law. On Monday evening the Speak in Safety campaign hosts an ...

TAGS: Speak In Safety, Professional, Surveillance, Investigatory Powers Bill, Ripa, Communications, Snoopers' Charter, Parliament Uk, Legislation, Parliamentary Group, Ethics, Protection Of Sources, Whistleblowers, Bar Council, Law Society

Journalists & John Catt challenge UK domestic extremism database

TYPE: News

... police reply. Michelle Stanistreet , NUJ general secretary, said: "During our campaign to amend the Investigatory Powers Bill we have been told that the surveillance of journalists and trade unionists in the UK is ...

TAGS: Police, Surveillance, Investigatory Powers Bill, Legal Challenge, Home Office, Human Rights, Parliament Uk, Snoopers' Charter, Protests, Domestic Extremist, Extremism, Legal Action, European Court Of Human Rights

NUJ in court challenge to the Snoopers’ Charter

TYPE: News

... National Union of Journalists has been granted permission to intervene in a judicial review of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016. The union maintains there is inadequate protection for journalists, their ...

TAGS: Investigatory Powers Act, Snoopers' Charter, Code Of Conduct, Protection Of Sources, Surveillance, M15, Adrian Fulford, Investigatory Powers Commissioner, Judicial Review

Defend the right to strike - #TUbill

TYPE: Campaigns

... These new measures include: issuing financial penalties to unions ranging from £200-2,000 new investigatory powers triggered by non-union members the ability to initiate investigations and appoint inspectors ...

TAGS: Trade Union Freedom, Trade Union Rights, Strike, Ballot, Trade Unions, Industrial Action, Government Uk, Legislation, Parliament Uk, Parliamentary Group

NUJ Active - Friday 25 March

... Union of Journalists, the Bar Council and the Law Society have organised a meeting to discuss the Investigatory Powers Bill on Monday 11 April starting at 17:00 in the House of Commons committee room 11. If you ...

Panama Papers highlight problems with UK Snoopers’ Charter

TYPE: News

... came from an anonymous source who used encrypted digital communications. The latest draft of the UK Investigatory Powers Bill is a threat to journalistic sources because the draft legislation enables the state to ...

TAGS: Investigatory Powers Bill, Surveillance, Ripa, Parliament Uk, Legislation, Pace, Ethics, Protection Of Sources, Encryption

There is no RIPA victory yet – all depends on detail, says NUJ

TYPE: News

... union has urged for caution in response to the latest announcements to changes on the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). The UK parliament will debate the laws to allow the authorities to snoop on ...

TAGS: Pace, Ethics, Protection Of Sources, Legislation, Ripa, Parliament Uk, Government Uk

Canada strengthens the protection of journalists’ sources

TYPE: News

... of journalists . Tags: , surveillance , ethics , code of conduct , ifj , protection of sources , investigatory powers act , investigatory powers bill , police , whistleblowers Share this Facebook Tweet this ...

TAGS: Surveillance, Ethics, Code Of Conduct, Ifj, Protection Of Sources, Investigatory Powers Act, Investigatory Powers Bill, Police, Whistleblowers

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