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... of CMPs since 1997 • SIAC 1997 • NI National Security Certificate Review Tribunal 1998 • POAC 2000 • Investigatory Powers Tribunal 2000 • Employment Tribunals 2000 • Pathogens Access Appeals Commission 2001 • NI ...

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... last parliament but are clearly coming our way once again. Theresa May is set on pushing through the Investigatory Powers Bill this autumn, despite the clear opposition to the Snoopers Charter, that’ll see internet ...

NUJ Active - 2 September, 2016

... for submissions is Friday 16 September. Find out more on the CIPR website . Save our Sources The Investigatory Powers Bill will allow state surveillance of every step of a journalistic investigation in the ...

Safeguarding journalists and their sources

... Sign the Press Gazette Save our Sources petition : Please take action to ensure the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act is not used by public authorities to secretly obtain journalists' phone records and ...

#DM16: Whittingdale must resign

... event in parliament earlier that week, as part of the union’s campaign to do as much damage to the Investigatory Powers Bill.  “The freewheeling access this will give the state to journalistic information and data ...

NUJ Active - 17 February

... the same subject. See the NUJ statement. Don't let Trump get his hands on our intelligence data: the Investigatory Powers Bill allows collection of huge amounts of data about all our lives. Sign the SomeOfUs ...

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... and recorded by the Metropolitan Police. Police have misused powers under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to gain access to communications and bypass judicial scrutiny of requests for ...

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... secretary of the nuj pparliamentary group, told the nec. this included the Data retention and investigatory Powers Bill, pushed through as emergency legislation, which gives the security services access to ...

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... ranges from limits on reporting the courts, through defamation to data protection, regulation of investigatory powers, terrorism legislation, obscenity legislation, copyright law and various hate, harassment and ...

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