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IFJ supports NUJ campaign against "Snooper's Charter"

TYPE: News

... of Journalists has backed the NUJ call for all members of the British parliament to vote against the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) to be debated in parliament on Tuesday 15 March. The NUJ argues that this bill ...

TAGS: Surveillance, Investigatory Powers Bill, Ripa, Ifj, Parliament Uk, Legislation, Snoopers' Charter, Ethics, Protection Of Sources, Pace, Terrorism Act, Law

NUJ calls for urgent investigation of RIPA's use to spy on journalists

TYPE: News

... 2 October 2014 The NUJ has condemned a further case in which police have misused the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) in order to secretly access material from journalists and their sources. The ...

TAGS: Ripa, Surveillance, Communications, Communications Data Bill, Ethics, Snoopers' Charter, Protection Of Sources, Metropolitan Police, Mail On Sunday, Freelance, The Sun, Foi, Whistleblowers

#DM16: Helen Goodman MP defends journalists & journalism

TYPE: News

... to weaken the BBC, privatise Channel 4 and stop the Leveson reforms, while the home secretary's investigatory powers bill threatened unchecked snooping on journalists. Labour will fight for independent judicial ...

TAGS: Parliament, Parliamentary Group, Parliament Uk, Legislation, Mps, Local News Matters, Bbc, Channel 4, Leveson, Investigatory Powers Bill, Surveillance, Snoopers' Charter, Trade Union Bill, Ifj, International, Solidarity, Somalia, Mexico, Yemen, Palestine, Dm16

NUJ Active - 15 September, 2016

... Group have organised an event in Birmingham on Wednesday 28 September at 18.30 to discuss how the Investigatory Powers Bill threatens press freedoms. This is a free, public event but registration is required. ...

NUJ Active - Friday 22 April

... Haystack : premier of the real-life investigation into 21st century surveillance in the UK and the Investigatory Powers Bill currently before Parliament, on Monday 25 April, 19.00, in London. Support the junior ...

Judicial oversight is key for accessing communications data, says NUJ

TYPE: News

... overhaul of legislation governing communications data and agreed with MPs that the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) is not fit for purpose. The parliamentary report , published on Saturday 6 ...

TAGS: Ripa, Communications, Communications Data Bill, Snoopers' Charter, Surveillance, Protection Of Sources, Ethics, Home Office, Parliament Uk

NUJ will robustly defend the latest attempt to curtail press freedom

TYPE: News

... union is deeply concerned at yet another attempt by the UK government to curtail the media. The Investigatory Powers Act has put journalists' sources at risk now that a large number of authorities have the ...

TAGS: Law Commission, Official Secrets Act, Press Freedom, Digital Economy Bill, Journalists' Rights, Theresa May, Surveillance, Espionage, Legislation

NUJ Active - 27 May 2016

... online tool to ask your mobile network provider to oppose new police snooping powers in the UK Investigatory Powers Bill. Contact your service provider to tell them Don't Bug my Smartphone! Despite promising ...

Safeguarding journalists and their sources

TYPE: Campaigns

... Sign the Press Gazette Save our Sources petition : Please take action to ensure the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act is not used by public authorities to secretly obtain journalists' phone records and ...

TAGS: Communications Data Bill, Communications, Encryption, Surveillance, Ethics, Protection Of Sources, Information Security, Democracy, Journalist Material, Ripa, Communications Data, Whistleblowers, Guardian, Itn, Ifj, Privacy International, Human Rights Watch, Media Entertainment And Arts Alliance, Parliamentary Group, Parliament Uk, 38 Degrees, Fnsi, Snoopers' Charter, European Convention On Human Rights, Campaigns

NUJ submissions

TYPE: Pages

... DCMS session on pay at the BBC (January 2018) Joint media submission to the Home Office on the draft investigatory powers communications code of practice. The organisations involved include the Media Lawyers ...

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