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Stamp out Sexism logoInclusion, equality of opportunity and anti-discrimination are central principles of the trade union movement.

The equality council is the NUJ's forum for all matters relating to: sexism, equal pay; lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT+) rights; age discrimination; work/life balance and childcare/dependant care.

The council works to promote equality in the NUJ and in wider society.

The council also liaises with the union's branch and chapel equality officers and seeks to ensure that equality is incorporated into the mainstream bargaining agenda.

The NUJ has a range of equality guidance available in the NUJ reps resources section of the website as well as series of briefings and submissions on equality issues (members only).

Seven members of the equality council are elected annually at the NUJ delegate meeting via nominations from NUJ branches. Representatives from each industrial council has a seat on the council, plus one representative from the Irish executive council, Scottish executive council and Welsh executive council.

To get involved in the work of the council or to help campaign for equality contact the NUJ's equality officer, via email:

Find out who represents you on the equality council (members only).

Brexit and LGBT+ and Disabled Workers Briefings

The TUC have published two updated briefings outlining which LGBT+ and Disabled Workers rights are at risk if not protected throughout the UK’s Brexit negotiations.

EU workers’ rights – won by trade unionists across Europe – are a key part of the patchwork of our protections from discrimination at work. And while they may be imperfect and incomplete, we don’t want to lose them. Instead, we want the UK where workers’ rights get better, to keep pace with the changing world of work. That means unions organising in more workplaces. And on Brexit, it means the UK and the EU agree on a level playing field on workers’ rights, so that hardworking Disabled and LGBT+ Brits do not find existing rights are diluted, or fall behind when workers in the EU get new rights in the future.

LGBT+ Brexit Briefing

Disabled Workers Brexit Briefing