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Celebration and plans for 60+ council (April 2013)

Glasses were raised on Wednesday 17 April at Headland House when the 60+ pensioners committee members celebrated its demise and the birth of the brand new 16 member 60+ council… the toast being good heart in its future campaigning.

The NUJ's newest council strengthens the ability of members in all fields of our union to fight within and to reach out to pensioners organisations on issues such as ageism, state and occupational pensions and equality in unity with all others seeking justice for our contemporaries in our society.

In line with the other NUJ councils, the 60+ has been widened to take in members from all the sectoral and national councils of the union, councils which have proved their value in being able to concentrate on particular aspects of the lives of our members thus helping to advance causes that could lose out by being only part of the union's work generally.

Rule changes mean a more democratically based council, although their is a strong opinion that this is still "work in progress." Its purposes are broadly enshrined in the rules is "opposing discrimination, combating ageism in the media, promoting equality in the union and without, and. to raise work issues relevant to older members."

To this end the sector and geographical councils will have to elect one delegate each from their councils to serve on the 60+ council and so would ask them to do all in their power to ensure they meet this need… acting on behalf of their older constituent members special needs.

The changed rules will mean the 60+ council having increased opportunities to raise the issues pertinent to its work and ambitions by having two delegates elected to the Delegate Meeting (DM), the right to put and move motions and speak in the debates (but not vote). 

A vital part of the 60+ council is to encourage and help its members ito bring their particular professional skills to support the NUJ and the wider over 60s movement in the struggles on behalf of older people wanting a decent and dignified old age.

So then raise your banners high to a new and raring to go NUJ 60+ council.