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Why it pays to be in the NUJ if you are a freelance

Owen Holdaway  -  © tim dawson

1 April 2019

Owen Holdaway caught an Isis sniper’s bullet hitting his friend’s chest on video, recorded at close quarters. Happily his friend survived and Owen thought his clip could be viral gold dust.

Before he profited, however, a news aggregator stole his shot and broadcast it to the world. He was initially offered just £50 for his work – but after the NUJ intervened, he was paid £6,500.

His is one of the cases highlighted in the freelance sector’s new recruitment video.

Pamela Morton, freelance organiser, said: “We know there are thousands of freelances who do not benefit from NUJ membership. Hopefully this video will bring our work to wider attention and encourage more to join. You can't afford not to be a member.”

NEC member Tim Dawson, who made the video added:

"We could have included hundreds of case studies. The help to freelances that the NUJ provides is as varied as it is essential. Of course, there is much more to union membership than the services that we provide to members, but for a lot of freelances, having a professional service to call on when their need is greatest, makes the difference between being able to sustain a freelance career and the alternative."

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