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When Cameron talks about 'reforming' union laws, he’s gazing longingly at Qatar & Iran - #heartunions

NEC member Alex MacDonald  -  © NUJ

13 February 2016

NEC member Alex MacDonald

When I first made the conscious decision to become a journalist, joining the NUJ was a no-brainer.

Initially, as a young aspiring journalist who knew little about the industry the NUJ provided a network for me to meet people, build connections and talk about the issues affecting us without having to lapse into dreaded 'networking' sessions.

When I finally entered into a variety of jobs and semi-jobs the union provided support and insight and I could never have made it into a stable job working in an area I genuinely enjoy without the union’s help.

But it is crucial that people recognise that union membership is more than just about what you can get out of it as an individual.

We are currently facing an unprecedented attack on our rights as workers and trade unionists. When David Cameron talks about 'reforming' trade union laws, he’s gazing longingly at countries like Qatar and Iran and dreams of a society where collective action is effectively illegal and bosses and the super-rich can run rampant without any threat of being held to account.

For me, unions are a natural part of the struggle to gain social and democratic rights and remind the bosses that we can’t be exploited, at least not without a fight.

Joining and becoming involved in the NUJ is part of a collective and long term process to rebuild the idea of workers’ collective rights and push for greater control over a media which we - in spite of pay cuts, redundancies, casualisation and
plutocratic ownership - still love and support.

The NUJ is supporting the TUC week of action #heartunions to celebrate the work of the trade union movement and to campaign against the government's divisive trade union bill.

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