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#useitpayforit: Tanya strikes gold by exposing Ukip leader

19 February 2018

When Tanya Gold boarded a London Underground train at Embankment in January 2018 she found herself sitting opposite a middle-aged man with a younger woman. They looked familiar.

Her travelling companion, Sam Leith, suggested that it was Henry Bolton, the leader of Ukip, and 25-year-old Jo Marney, who had been his girlfriend until recently. When Marney’s racist text messages came to light, Bolton had announced that the relationship was over, in the hope of saving his political skin. How surprising then that they were travelling around the capital together?

Tanya, a freelance journalist, said: “I am a coward, so I pretended I was taking a selfie. They knew I wasn’t and I knew they knew as soon as I looked at the photographs. 'Selfie!' I screamed, and pointed the camera at them.”

Bolton and Marney disembarked at Tottenham Court Road.

Tanya immediately sent the photograph to The Times and the next day six other newspapers and the BBC paid for the shot; she made £1,525 in 24 hours thanks to her chance encounter and quick thinking.

She is a strong believer that the media should charge the proper rate for a job. She said:

“The more people who charge, the more healthy the media will be and real professionals will not be crowded out by free material."

Henry Bolton has since lost his role as leader of the party after a losing a no confidence vote at an extraordinary general meeting  in Birmingham. He may have lost his job, but he told BBC Radio Kent he is back with Jo Marney - and has not ruled out marriage. On the subject of wedding bells, he said "perhaps" but "it's not definite".

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