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Unions propose alternatives to Comprehensive Spending Review

28 October 2010

The UK trade union movement has presented its arguments agains the UK government's Comprehensive Spending Review. The unions have rejected the argument that "We're all in this together", poining out that it seems to apply to some more than others.

The NUJ has rejected the view that there is "no alternative". The union has criticising the massive propaganda offensive aimed at convincing people that the country's finances are busted, public borrowing is at an unsustainable level, belt-tightening, cuts and redundancies are inevitable.

The NUJ is arguing that UK government's cuts in public services, public sector pensions, public sector broadcasting are ideologically motivated and largely target the poorest and most vulnerable is society. The union has proposed that any attempts to reduce public debt should concentrate on:

  • The billions owed to the public purse by the super-rich
  • The £100bn in tax avoidance and tax evasion by large companies and wealthy individuals
  • The current wasteful spending on expensive and inefficient privatisation initiatives – particularly PFI
  • Current levels of spending on Trident – currently £1.5bn per year
  • The war in Afganistan – currently costing £2.6bn per year.

The Trade Union Coordinating Group, of which the NUJ is a member, has produced a briefing on the cuts, which outlines how the cuts will affect workers in many key areas.

The TUC pamphlet All Pain – No Gain analyses the effect of the cuts announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review and outlines alternatives.

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) have produced a short pamphlet that looks at the deficit, where monies are really lost to the public purse and alternatives to the government's plans.

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