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Protesters lobby Parliament against anti-trade-union bill

TUC-led lobby against lobbying bill

Lord Monks leads protesters on College Green, Westminster  -  © Mark Thomas/TUC

21 January 2014

The day before the lobbying bill reaches its final stages, and returns to the Commons from the Lords, Lord Monks hands over a petition of nearly 12,000 signatories protesting against provisions in the legislation, which could compromise the confidentiality of union membership records.

The transparency of lobbying, non-party campaigning and trade union administration bill will require unions to appoint external investigators to audit their membership details. Unions will also have to provide access to membership data to the government-appointed Certification Officer.

At a time when the scale and depth of the blacklisting scandal in the construction industry is only just coming to light, union members are concerned that details they had previously thought were private between them and their union will now be visible to other third parties.

Last-ditch effort needed in campaign for changes to disastrous lobbying bill

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