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Tribute to BBC journalist Seamus Kelters

Seamus Kelters on the picket line  -  © pauline mckenna

2 October 2017

The untimely death of Seamus Kelters, assistant editor of BBC Newsline in Northern Ireland has occasioned great sadness among colleagues and friends across Ireland and the UK .

Seamus was an influential journalist, story teller and NUJ chapel activist who enjoyed cross-community respect as a public service broadcaster par excellence.

He was the co-author of 'Lost Lives,' the critically acclaimed reference book documenting every death directly caused by the Troubles. Few people could match him for his knowledge of Northern politics.

He started working at the BBC in the early 90s as a broadcast journalist and worked on many programmes, including Spotlight, and Hearts and Minds. Seamus began his journalistic career with the Irish News. He was a skilled investigative journalist and is remembered for his dogged coverage of the wrongful convictions of the Birmingham Six.

Séamus Dooley, NUJ assistant general secretary recalled Seamus Kelters’s contribution to the NUJ. He said:

"Seamus was a member of Northern Ireland broadcasting branch, later the NUJ Belfast and District branch. He was admired and respected as a chapel member and is remembered as a loyal colleague.
"He was supportive of journalists who suffered from covering the Troubles. His contribution to the Healing Through Remembering conference marking the 10th anniversary of Martin O’Hagan was a remarkable insight into the impact of the Troubles on the lives of reporters and photographers."

Read the tribute to Seamus on the BBC website

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