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Trade unionists in south west back fight to save media jobs

31 March 2009

Trade unionists in the south west of England have joined the fight to save journalists' jobs in the region.

Members of the South West TUC Regional Council on Saturday voted unanimously to support an NUJ motion condemning the latest round of job and budget cuts taking place in newspapers and broadcasting.

Tim Lezard, who represents the south west on the NUJ's national executive council, was re-elected chair of the South West TUC. He told the conference:

"Let me make this clear: these are cuts that do not need to be made. They have eroded our ability to properly serve our local communities, not only damaging quality, losing readers and viewers and ultimately advertisers, but forcing overworked staff to cut corners and compromise on the range and depth of coverage.
"The NUJ is fighting back. We shall fight for the titles you hold so dear, we shall fight for public service broadcasting and, most importantly, we shall fight for our role at the heart of our democratic society.
"Today, I hope you will join our fight. After all, who will ask the questions when we're gone."

The conference also agreed to support an NUJ day of action to be held in the south west soon.

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