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Tories auction work experience to boost party funds

14 February 2011

Work experience placements, including a fortnight's work experience on Tatler magazine, have been auctioned to raise funds for the Conservative Party.

The range of placementss was auctioned at the UK Conservative Party's £4,000-a-table fundraising Black and White Party.

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ Deputy General Secretary, said:

"Internships should be open to all, not the preserve of a wealthy few. The fact that they are being auctioned to raise funds for a political party is obscene. Such a disgusting practice simply perpetuates privilege and inequality.
"Is this what is meant by the Big Society – only the wealthy need apply?"

The NUJ is running a Cashback for Interns campaign to ensure that young people taking on work experience are not exploited, and are paid for their labour.

Michelle Stanistreet said:

"The NUJ is playing its part in the campaign to bring exploitative employers to book. We are using minimum wage legislation and other legal means to steadily change the internship culture from one of exploitation to one of genuine learning opportunities."

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