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The Journalist magazine relaunched with new style

19 March 2010

The Journalist magazineA new editor has brought the first major change of style and design to the NUJ publication The Journalist since it went from newspaper to magazine style 17 years ago. Christine Buckley was elected as editor in a ballot of the NUJ's membership last November.

Christine Buckley said:

"Working with a new design house – Surgerycreations – we've sought to make the magazine more modern, attractive, informative and engaging. At this crucial time for journalism, I hope that the 'new look' magazine reaches out to as many of our members as possible.
"We're keen that the publication produced for the journalists' union is of the highest standard, since our audience of media professionals expects a professional magazine.
"I've sought to make the new magazine reflective of the diverse, active union that the NUJ is, and I intend that it should echo the voices of our members from across the union.
"Communication with members is a cornerstone of how the NUJ operates, and The Journalist editor is elected in a union-wide ballot which affirms the publication's independence of the union's leadership and of any faction."

Jeremy Dear, NUJ general secretary, said:

"Congratulations to Christine on producing a magazine for all our members of which the union should be rightly proud. The Journalist promotes and reflects the union's work and the issues that affect journalists as widely as possible and is an excellent shop-window for the union's campaigns to stand up for journalists and journalism".

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