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Stress @ work - new NUJ video

16 April 2016

Stress is the top health-related problem at work, said Louise Taggart, of safety charity, Scottish Hazards in a NUJ video on the subject, launched at conference.

Paul Holleran, Scottish organiser, recalled how he received a long text from a rep and friend just before he took his own life after the closure of his newspaper.

Robbie Dinwoodie, a political specialist on the Herald, told the conference that, after being “insanely busy” at work, he had ended up with pneumonia and was later diagnosed with a heart problem. He said: “It was the year of the referendum; it was too important a story to miss, but for me a five-day job was not an option.” Thanks to the union, he was able to negotiate a three-day week, working from home. “It was a win-win situation,” he said. The paper retained an experienced commentator and he was able to keep his job.

Laura Davison, national organiser, agreed employers were putting journalists’ mental and physical health at risk because of huge workloads and employment practices.

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