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Stop the dangerous Snoopers' Charter bill

19 April 2013

The government is planning to include its Communications Data Bill, otherwise known as the Snoopers' Charter, in the Queen's Speech. This is despite a damning cross-party Parliamentary committee's scrutiny of the proposed legislation.

The draft bill would allow the government to order internet companies such Facebook, BT, Virgin Media and Sky to collect and store the communications data relating to all of the traffic they deal with. This would include details of internet usage, including websites visited, internet searches, private social media messages and even the online video games played.

Law enforcement agencies will be able to trawl that data and cross reference it with other data sources through a communications data search engine, revealing social connections and confidential communication between journalists and their sources. The NUJ's code of conduct says a member must protect the identity of sources who supply information and materials in confidence.

Write to your MP now and tell them we want these snooping plans abandoned.

Ben Hammersley, one of David Cameron's technology advisers, said the consequences of the draft Communications Data Bill would be "disastrous".

Read the Daily Telegraph story: Snoopers' laws could be used to 'oppress us', says David Cameron technology adviser (19 April 2013)

You can contact the Home Office to lobby for greater consultation: the Home Office has refused to have an open consultation.

Read the Open Rights Group briefing paper on the bill.

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