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Stop labelling Local World jobs as Trinity Mirror, says NUJ

25 January 2017

NUJ members have contacted the union to highlight job adverts that are misleading. Current vacancies in Local World are being advertised almost entirely as Trinity Mirror jobs. 

The union has already raised this problem twice with the company and at the moment there remain significant disparities between Local World and Trinity Mirror employees in their terms and conditions at work.

Despite the company’s strategy entitled 'One Trinity Mirror' that included standardising benefits of employees in the original Trinity Mirror centres, this has not happened yet in Local World businesses - and the group is resisting calls to do so.

The job ads give applicants a false impression of the benefits on offer - sickness, maternity and paternity pay and redundancy payments are worse when Local World is compared to Trinity Mirror.

Many of the Local World jobs being advertised have no, or little indication that the employer is Local World and some say the employer is Trinity Mirror plc.

The union believes it is wrong not to state who the actual employing company will be for the job and this information is stated in an employee’s contract of employment. 

The NUJ Leicester chapel, whose members work on the Leicester Mercury which is a Local World title, said:

"We don’t want to put off anyone applying for jobs in Leicester. We’re a great paper and a great bunch of people to work with but Trinity Mirror should be honest and admit that it discriminates against staff on its Local World titles.
"We have the same jobs, the same pressures and the same targets as people at the older Trinity Mirror titles but we are treated as second class citizens when it comes to maternity pay, paternity pay and sickness pay. For anyone considering having or increasing their family, or who has a long-term medical condition, the difference could cost them thousands.
"And when the next round of cuts comes - and Trinity Mirror’s board have not come up with any other ideas - Trinity Mirror will try to get rid of you on the worst possible terms if the small print says Local World.
"And the cost of bring our terms and conditions up to parity with other Trinity Mirror titles? By the company’s admission, no more than that of any of the individual members of staff they have chosen NOT to replace."

Chris Morley, NUJ Northern and Midlands organiser, said:

"We raised this with the company some time ago so I am very surprised to see Local World jobs, with inferior terms and benefits, still being presented as Trinity Mirror. The company under Simon Fox adopted a 'One Trinity Mirror' mantra but when it comes to staff in Local World, it does not seem to apply.
"The company needs to be open and transparent in its recruitment policy. Clearly it would be best to bring up the level of benefits for those in Local World, but if it really can’t do that at the current time, then it must not pretend with potential job applicants that the job is anything it is not."

One example of a current job advert which is a Local World job but does not mention this and instead states: What you need to know - Trinity Mirror plc has a strong benefits package.

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