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Screening ends with thanks and an appeal for support for Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey

Barry McCaffrey, Trevor Birney, Cathal MacCoillet, Séamus Dooley  -  © Derek Spiers

13 November 2018

The Dublin screening of No Stone Unturned the powerful documentary about the murder of six men by the UVF in 1984, concluded on Monday night with emotionally charged speeches by Barry McCaffrey and Trevor Birney.  
The screening kicked off national recruitment week, organised by the Irish Executive Council, and featured a Q and A session with broadcaster Cathal MacCoille. Barry and Trevor are on police bail following police raids on their homes in August. Thanking the NUJ for their support, Barry emphasised the importance of union solidarity in keeping up their spirit in the ordeal which began with arrests made on foot of an alleged complaint of alleged theft made by the Police Ombudsman of Northern Ireland.

Last week the ombudsman told The Irish Times that he had not made a complaint to the Police Servoce of Northern Ireland (PSNI) or external police force, Durham Constabulary, thus removing a central plank of the allegations against the two NUJ members. Neither has been charged but found themselves on police bail under the Official Secretary Act as part of an investigation which the independent ombudsman insists he never filed.
The film is harrowing and left the capacity crowd numbed. Trevor Birney told Cathal MacCiolle he and his company, Fine Point Productions, asked the audience to tweet messages of support to the Loughisland family and to let them know that in Dublin on a November Monday they were being remembered. “Let them know that they are still the story,” he urged activists.
Introducing the evening, Séamus Dooley said that as a result of the police raids there were two stories: the central story of the Loughinsland massacre and the sectarian attack which has transformed a joyful World Cup gathering into a nightmare and the story of the arrest of Trevor and Barry. The evening began with a discussion on those arrests and events with a Q&A on the making of the film.
There were gasps as Cathal forensically dissected the impact of the arrests on the work and family life of the journalists: their phones and laptops remain in the hands of the police, as do the phones and personal property of Trevor’s wife and young daughter, travel restrictions include the need to report planned visits outside Northern Ireland to the PSNI and a ban on staying outside NI.
A screening of No Stone Unturned takes place in Headland House, London, on Thursday 6 December and will be attended by Barry McCaffrey and Trevor Birney. Reserve your ticket.
Loughinisland: NI police Ombudsman insists no theft reported to police
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