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International conference on safeguarding journalists and sources

14 October 2014

An international conference has been organised to discuss concerns about mass surveillance of the media and to explore practical steps for safeguarding journalists and their sources. 

This unique event will take place in London on Thursday 16 October. The conference has been organised by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and will be hosted by Guardian News & Media.

Since the first stories revealing the extent of mass surveillance appeared in the Guardian in 2013, the Snowden files have helped to shine a light on the widespread secret surveillance carried out by governments around the world.

More recently, in the UK, disclosures that police have obtained journalists’ phone records to identify confidential sources has been condemned by civil society and defenders of press freedom.

Journalists have been spied on, their phone records secretly pored over and their communications seized. This has significant implications for journalism and the ability of journalists to protect their sources.

The conference brings together journalists and media workers from around the world, politicians, trade unionists, lawyers, civil rights and privacy campaigners.

The full conference programme, more information and related events are listed on the dedicated conference resources NUJ website page.

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