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Recruitment week is here – so sign someone up!

20 June 2006

Recruitment Week is here again and the union is calling on all members to try to persuade at least one person to join the union between now and June 24.

Recruitment is vital to help build the strength of the NUJ in your workplace and to win recognition in those places where we have not yet secured it.

The biggest single reason people give for not joining the union is they were never asked. Members will be sent an email to forward to a colleague, asking them to join up.

Jeremy Dear, NUJ general secretary, said:

"The more members we have, the stronger the union will be. In places where we do not yet have recognition we must try and pass that crucial 50 per cent.
"This will enable the union to negotiate ever more effectively to protect our members' rights, improve all our working lives and make sure NUJ members get the rewards they deserve for all the skilled, hard work they put in."

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