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Protect your copyright: write to your MEP

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31 August 2018

The NUJ has joined the International and European Federations of Journalists in requesting all journalists in EU member states to write to their Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in support of a piece of legislation on copyright.

In the run-up to this vote on the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market on Wednesday 12 September journalists' organisations are asking you to send a letter to the MEPs from your country in order to challenge the anti-copyright forces (Google, Facebook etc).

Please use this model letter.


Post it to your MEPs at both the Brussels and Strasbourg seats of the European Parliament. You can find their names and office numbers here.

Copyright and authors' rights have nothing to do with censorship. They are the time-tested way to ensure that our societies can benefit from the work of dedicated, professional authors who are independent because they can make a living from their work. If authors instead had to rely on sponsorship or patronage their independence and their ability to express all the cultures of our continent would be crippled.

The independence of journalists as authors, in particular, is essential to the functioning of any democratic society. We are already seeing the results of its weakening – in successful efforts to sway citizens' votes on the basis of appeals to prejudice, rather than to the facts that independent ethical journalists strive to report. The campaign against the directive, which serves the interests of dominant internet corporations, is an example of this.

The International and European Federation of Journalists and National Union of Journalists urge MEPs to vote for the entire report of the JURI Committee on Legal Affairs – in defence of culture and democracy in Europe.

European authors’ statement in support of the copyright directive

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