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Prime Minister runs chicken from Welsh media

31 July 2019

The NUJ’s Welsh Executive Committee has put out a statement saying the Prime Minister, who posed with chickens near Newport on a visit to Wales, should have taken questions and allowed filming by the Welsh-based media:

“The Wales Executive of the National Union of Journalists strongly condemns Boris Johnson’s decision not to allow the Welsh media to record their questions to him during his visit to Wales yesterday (July 30). Correspondents from Welsh broadcasters and newspapers (which require video of interviews for their websites) have different questions to ask than correspondents from London-based media. If the Prime Minister restricts himself to a single clip for the network pool, plus a brief off-camera "huddle" with journalists, then essentially the Welsh media is being asked to cover a publicity stunt without the chance to question him. Journalists must be able to hold our elected representatives to account on behalf of the public and the Prime Minister’s answers must be publicly available.”

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