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Pride organisers reverse decision on media access to parade following NUJ discussions

© Mathew Dixon/Getty

8 July 2019

Pride in London reversed its decision to deny accreditation to the media to last Saturday’s parade, following protests from the NUJ and other photographer organisations.

Photographers, many of whom had attended the event many times, were told their accreditation was not accepted denying them the access they needed to cover the event. The organisers said it had changes it rules because of “new security arrangements”.

Last-minute discussions by the NUJ resulted in the organisers reversing their decision and accreditation was approved. The NUJ and London in Pride have agreed to discuss the arrangements for next year, so that a similar situation does not arise.

The parade also marked 50 years on from the Stonewall uprising in New York, when members of the LGBT community fought back against a police raid of a gay bar in Greenwich village. The organisers said up to 1.5 million people took to the streets of London to take part in the celebration. The colourful event was captured by photographs in publications and websites across the globe.

Jess Hurd, one of the photographers who had her accreditation accepted following intervention by the NUJ, said:

“I am really pleased with the result of our joint campaigning and that NUJ, British Press Photographers' Association and Photographer Not a Terrorist have ensured media access to Pride in London. There is no valid excuse for limiting bona fide members of the press on a public demonstration. Corporate interests should not come above press freedom, we need to challenge these restrictions wherever they arise. On the anniversary of Stonewall we are especially pleased that our rights have been upheld.”

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