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Pressure mounts to stop Murdoch BSkyB takeover

15 April 2011

Pressure is mounting to stop the planned News International takeover of BskyB, following the media giant's admission of phone hacking at the News of the World.

A petition demanding that the government suspend consideration of the takeover while a public inquiry assesses the full extent of the scandal has already been signed by 32,000 people. A demonstration was held outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Friday in support of the campaign.

At the weekend, Jeremy Dear, NUJ general secretary, commented on News International's confession of phone hacking:

"Now that this admission has finally been made, the need for a high level judicial inquiry into behaviour at News International is more urgent than ever. It is vital that this whole matter is brought out into the open and not hushed up through some in-house compensation scheme.
"The public interest demands that standards at News International, which is spreading like a rash across the whole media world, must be fully examined and exposed."

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