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Photographers urged to activate Alamy's opt-out clause

Photographers on budget day  -  © Mark Thomas

21 June 2016

The NUJ is urging all photographer members to activate an opt-out clause in the new Alamy contributors’ contract before July 30.

The new contract states: "You authorise Alamy to grant to the collecting society a mandate to negotiate, claim and administer the rights in respect of secondary uses of your Images that you have authorised Alamy to represent you for."

This means that Alamy will be authorised to collect revenue from DACS (or any other collecting society) for the secondary use of Images. Alamy will then deduct a 50 per cent commission fee after administration charges have been recouped.

Photographers who agree to this will receive less by way of payments than those who mandate DACS directly.
Photographers who are contracted with Alamy have until July 30, 2016, to opt out of this clause. The NUJ is advising they do so.

The union has written to Alamy requesting that it reconsiders the contract and offers an “opt in” instead of  an “opt out”.

The NUJ has prepared a draft letter to send to Alamy, which is available to NUJ members from

John Toner, NUJ freelance organiser said:

“We urge all visual creators to contact DACS, and provide them with the exclusive authority to collect secondary rights payments."

You can do this via the DACS website.

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