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Photographers’ council concerned by Alamy contracts

11 March 2015

The NUJ photographers’ council have received reports from members expressing dismay at the proposed changes to contracts for the photographic portal Alamy. Alamy has more than 50 million images, vectors and videos - making it the world's largest stock photo collection and many contributors are NUJ members.

The new contracts appear to give Alamy wide-ranging rights over images even when a photographer has removed all images from the portal. Many of the changes also appear to be to Alamy’s benefit and some of the changes appear to be detrimental to the creators.

NUJ members have told the union they are protesting to Alamy and have asked the union to do the same.

The photographers' council has echoed the dismay of NUJ members in that such a well-known photographic aggregator, that relies on creators for its very lifeblood of content, should wish to penalise its suppliers.

Andrew Wiard, chair of the NUJ photographers' council, said:

"Alamy should urgently renegotiate these terms before their precipitate deadline. Any photographers not wanting to be trapped by them must terminate their contracts by Tuesday 31 March and many have already done so."

The NUJ represents members who contribute their own work to the portal, and the union wants Alamy to listen to the concerns being raised.

Alamy should negotiate with creators and their representatives and find reasonable solutions before Alamy impose any contractual changes.

The forum Editorial Photographers UK (EPUK) have published a response and analysis of the proposed changes. The NUJ photographers' council urges NUJ members and Alamy suppliers to read the information available.

Read the full statement issued by the photographers council.

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