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Opposition to rip-off Carnival fee and terms grows

20 August 2015

The News Media Association (NMC) has endorsed the NUJ's opposition to the imposition of an £100 accreditation fee and stipulation that footage must be shared by the Notting Hill Carnival organisers.

The  association, which represents UK publishers and national and international news and photographic agencies, has written to the carnival organisers objecting to the rules, seeking dialogue and withdrawal of the fee for managed news access.

Andrew Moger, NMC executive director, said:

"We strongly urge carnival organisers to rethink this policy, which can only serve to reduce interest. The success of the carnival as one of the most colourful cultural spectacles has come about through press and carnival and arenas working together. Unilaterally imposing new arrangements, costs and controls is not the way forward."

The association's website also quoted the NUJ's  freelance organiser, John Toner, who said:

“It is not acceptable that the media are expected to pay a fee to cover what is a genuine news event. It is equally unacceptable that the organisers expect pictures and video to be supplied free for their commercial purposes.
“For an individual freelance, this could mean working at a loss. We see no reason why freelances should be expected to subsidise the carnival. We would urge all members to reject these conditions and to cover the event from public spaces.”

The London Notting Hill Carnival Enterprises Trust's  (LNHCET) new policy requires professional and amateur media to pay a fee of £100 and the accreditation form

"In exchange for providing a media accreditation pass, LNHCET requires and the recipient agrees to share their blog, video, article, write-up, recap, review or coverage of the events attended within three weeks of the conclusion of the event. Where the media is seeking utilise materials for a foreign publication, LNHCET requires that an English version of the piece be provided."

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