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NUJ wins recognition at the South Wales Argus

13 June 2016

The NUJ has achieved statutory trade union recognition at the South Wales Argus in Newport.

Contact was first made with the employer, Newsquest Media, in November 2014. This then led to a lengthy process requiring two separate membership checks. Both checks showed the union to have a majority of members among the agreed bargaining unit.  Eventually, the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) declared the union is recognised to conduct collective bargaining on behalf of the editorial staff.

John Toner, the NUJ national organiser for Wales, said:

“We delighted that the CAC has accepted our evidence that the majority of the journalists working at the Argus wish to be represented by the NUJ. We look forward to negotiating a house agreement with the Newsquest management, and to having a constructive relationship with the employer that will benefit our members. This would not have been possible without the energy and enthusiasm of Hayley Mills, the Mother of Chapel, who has worked very hard at recruiting her colleagues to the union. A number of issues have arisen over the past year of great concern to the staff, and we hope that problems will now be resolved through consultation and negotiation.”

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ general secretary, said:

"This is excellent news for the journalists working at the South Argus. Now they will have a say in their working conditions, instead of having them imposed. It is also good news for the newspaper; members will be arguing to ensure that they are able to produce a quality product for the readers. It is a real shame that Newsquest dragged its feet over an issue that had the full backing of the majority of the staff."

The Central Arbitration Committee is an independent body, with statutory powers, which resolves collective disputes in workplaces England, Scotland and Wales, either by voluntary agreement or, if necessary, through a legal decision. This includes the statutory recognition of trade unions.

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