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NUJ warns Climate Camp on media curbs

8 August 2007

The NUJ has asked the Camp for Climate Action to reconsider restrictions it intends to impose on the press covering its Climate Camp at Heathrow Airport.

In his letter to the group NUJ freelance organiser, John Toner, said:

"While I can understand your apprehension that coverage of the camp by mainstream media could be negative, the conditions you have stipulated are guaranteed to attract criticism from all professional journalists, whether supportive of, or hostile to, your views."

Camp for Climate Action insists media will only be permitted on site between 11 am and noon; that they must be accompanied and identified by a flag and must stick with the tour. Some journalists will not be allowed on site and a “blacklist” will be operated. Sympathetic journalists will be given longer access.

John Toner warned protestors:

"Journalists of all political views and none are united in their abhorrence of restrictions on media access and you risk alienating even “sympathetic” journalists by your behaviour.
"By allowing the media more open access you will impress all journalists and even those you consider hostile to your aims will have something positive to report about the event."

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