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NUJ takes leading role in anti-fascism

15 February 2010

The NUJ is taking a leading role in the growing campaign to resist the rising menace of fascism and the BNP in the months before the UK general election.

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ deputy general secretary, is among speakers for the launch on Tuesday of the EXPOSE the BNP campaign.  The campaign aims to investigate and challenge the BNP’s attempts to construct a respectable public image and to support media workers who refuse to work on programmes or material that break the reporting guidelines laid down by media trade unions.

Michelle Stanistreet said:

“Journalists have a duty to hold up to the closest scrutiny the claims and activities of those who would foment racial tension and violence. The BNP’s inflammatory rhetoric about immigration cannot be taken at face value.”

Hundreds of people attended Saturday’s Unite Against Fascism conference at the TUC’s London headquarters.

In a message to the conference, Jeremy Dear, NUJ general secretary, said:

“Turning back the fascist politics of hate is a job for every fair-minded person in our society, not just a task for committed activists. Any victory for the BNP impoverishes all our lives and challenges our culture and traditions of fairness.
"NUJ members are proud to play our part in exposing the myths on which modern Nazis seek to gain power. The forthcoming general election must mark a milestone in the battle for decency over the depraved philosophy of British fascism. The Unite against Fascism conference is a significant opportunity to move that struggle forward for all the people who contribute to our rich and diverse culture.”

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