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NUJ steps up recruitment at D C Thomson in Scotland

NUJ ad trailer outside the DC Thomson newspaper offices in Dundee

NUJ ad trailer outside the DC Thomson newspaper offices in Dundee  -  © Euan Williamson

8 March 2011

The National Union of Journalists has stepped up its recruitment campaign among D C Thomson workers by repositioning an ad trailer outside the company's main newspaper offices in Dundee.

The union has also organised a series of meetings for D C Thomson staff in the wake of the latest news of 15 redundancies, 10 of them among Sunday Post staff in Glasgow.

D C Thomson is a privately-owned newspaper and magazine publishing company with its main offices in Dundee. It publishes the Dundee Courier, the Evening Telegraph, the Sunday Post and the Weekly News, along with several consumer magazines and children's comics. Leading titles include the Beano, the People's Friend and the Scots Magazine.

A series of NUJ meetings have been organised and staff will have an opportunity to ask questions and seek advice about their situation within D C Thomson and to discuss their concerns about the company's future direction.

The entire editorial staff from the Dundee Courier, Evening Telegraph, Sunday Post and Weekly News were summoned to a meeting in Dundee last week by editor-in-chief Donald Martin where they watched a presentation. Entitled "Our Future in Newspapers", it included the shock news that 15 posts were to go, 10 of them in Glasgow.

Staff have until Wednesday 9 March 2011 to put their names forward if they are interested in volunteering for redundancy.

Paul Holleran, NUJ Scottish organiser, said:

"People were stunned when they discovered what the meeting was really about. It is not the way to behave towards loyal, long-standing members of staff.
"People are now clearly afraid for their jobs following this shock announcement and many have come to the NUJ for support and advice.
"We have organised meetings in Glasgow and Dundee for staff to come along and a series of informal meetings for journalists and other editorial workers unable to attend these meetings."

The NUJ has also positioned its ad trailer urging staf to contact the Dundee branch of the NUJ if they have problems at work outside D C Thomson's Kingsway offices in Dundee.

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