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NUJ signs environmental pledge

19 December 2007

Jeremy Dear, NUJ general secretary, has signed a commitment to promote greener, more environmentally friendly workplaces and to encourage employers to take climate change issues seriously.

The NUJ is calling on employers to act to reduce their carbon footprint and will be urging members to take a lead in "greening" in the next 12 months.

The NUJ will also create union environmental reps and urge the government to give environmental reps the same rights as other union workplace representatives.

As part of the commitment the union will promote environmental issues; run courses to inform members; encourage workplace projects to reduce waste and push green issues higher up the bargaining agenda.

Jeremy Dear said:

"Climate change and environmental damage is one of the most serious and urgent problems facing the world today and it has huge implications for every individual on the planet. Employers should be acting to reduce their environmental impact.
"Climate change is most definitely a union issue. The workplaces that we organise – and seek to organise – burn energy, consume resources and generate waste. Industry alone is responsible for more than half the carbon dioxide emissions which increase the greenhouse effect every year. We must act."

As part of the commitment, the NUJ pledges to:

  • Promote awareness of green issues in the union and in all union roles and encourage union members, representatives, staff and officials to learn more about sustainability.
  • Help union officials and reps to negotiate with employers to reduce their environmental impact in a fair and inclusive away and to promote good practice.
  • Seek opportunities to measure and dramatically improve the union's own energy efficiency, working closely with officials, staff and representatives at all levels to agree an environmental policy and implement a action plan.
  • Develop strategy and policies to tackle the problems and the opportunities posed by climate change, both at home and internationally.

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