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NUJ shocked by planned closure of Sheffield Star's Green 'Un edition

2 July 2013

Staff at the Sheffield Star were called to a meeting on Tuesday 2 July to be told that the company is to start consulting on plans to end the Star's Saturday sports edition.

The NUJ wants to see a thoroughgoing investigation aimed at retaining the Green 'Un as a thriving print and online product. The company has said they will retain an online edition and that no jobs are directly at risk but the union believes some copytakers' work may go.

The sports edition has existed for more than a century and shows the sad state of affairs in the local media industry. This latest example of cuts is a fresh reminder that newspaper companies have failed to invest in their own titles and have let their circulations leach away. The NUJ is urging the company to carry out meaningful consultation both with staff and the people of Sheffield.

Staff were said to be "stunned" when given the news in the newsroom today.

Chris Morley, NUJ Northern & Midlands Organiser, said:

"For too long, senior newspaper executives with bloated salaries have been making decisions to close well-loved and widely admired titles after years of slowing bleeding them to death through lack of investment. Closure is a mark of their failure, not the failure of a title with a century-old tradition.
"Instead of getting paid as entrepreneurs growing their business, corporate terminators are showered with huge sums to hack off large parts of their own companies.
"The trouble is that they did not make these businesses. They therefore should not have the ability to snuff them out as publications on the streets without widespread and fullsome debate and consultation with the communities from where these titles emerged.
"I challenge Johnston Press to engage with the people of Sheffield about the proposed loss of The Star's Green 'Un edition - and have the guts for once to invest properly in their printed products to make them a success in combination with the new publishing platforms that exist today."


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