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NUJ regional media awards to highlight hypocrisy

11 May 2009

The NUJ has launched an alternative awards scheme for the regional media in Britain and Ireland.

The aim is to expose the hypocrisy of companies who claim to support an area while slashing jobs and closing offices.

The awards will also recognise the dedication of journalists who are working through the cutbacks and the excellence of those who have been made redundant.

Nominations are already coming in.

Potential categories are:

  • The Most Hypocritical Local Media Campaign of the Year award, aimed at all the companies who urge readers to save the local economy while chucking profit-making workers onto the dole.
  • The community served by the most remote news hub – separate sections for newspapers and radio.
  • The best story or picture by a journalist who has since been made redundant.
  • The lowest number of journalists producing a weekly paper of 80 pages or more.

Jeremy Dear, NUJ General Secretary, said:

"We have a ridiculous situation where copmpanies are promoting themselves with local slogans while producing their products many miles away and sometimes with no locally-based workers at all.
"Highly skilled journalistss are being made redundant and those who are left are undertaking enormous workloads.
"The owners are carrying on with their swanky awards ceremonies and shareholders meetings as if nothing is happening.
"We want to reinforce the point that historic newspapers and popular radio stations are being run into the ground while they are still profitable.
"We hope to shame the media owners into either investing in journalism or passing on these companies to people who care about the communities."

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