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NUJ raises the menopause at work

18 October 2019

World menopause day is held annually on 18 October calling for better awareness for women facing related health issues during and beyond the menopause. Traditionally seen as a private issue for women and not one to be raised in the workplace, it has led to many women receiving inadequate support and employers dodging their responsibilities to the welfare of employees.

Today the NUJ calls for organisations to provide training to managers and put in place better support for media workers who are experiencing often debilitating symptoms.  
A survey carried out by the British Menopause Society found almost half (45 per cent) of women felt their menopause symptoms had a negative impact on their work.  
The NUJ is calling on media companies to adapt and improve their policies and processes, ensuring barriers and taboo are dismantled and that women can raise health concerns in the full knowledge that they will be taken seriously by their employer.

The NUJ has today welcomed the news Channel 4 has adopted a new menopause policy including staff training, access to flexible working and dedicated workspaces.

The TUC has produced an interactive guide about the menopause, highlighting its symptoms and making clear why this is a workplace issue. The guide also includes real life stories, suggestions for employers and tips on how to secure changes in workplaces.
ACAS have also produced new guidance about the menopause aimed at raising awareness about how employers and employees can support colleagues who are affected.
Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ general secretary, said:

"The menopause can bring significant challenges for women, and particularly so at work, which is why the NUJ is pushing employers to take all necessary steps to support their female employees. The menopause is a natural part of life and should be approached by employers in that vein. Whatever age it begins, women should know there are workplace policies in place that provide practical support and help."

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