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NUJ photographer defends copyright and moral rights of Gaza picture

1 August 2014

NUJ member and photographer Jess Hurd was last night commissioned by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign to photograph a projection on the side of parliament that subsequently went viral on social media. Overnight the picture was changed and then circulated on twitter to create a false image and message about the campaign.

In response Jess contacted the creator of the altered, fake picture and threatened legal action, NUJ involvement and highlighted the breach of copyright and moral rights.

The NUJ is committed to defending journalists’ copyright and moral rights and will challenge breaches on behalf of its members.

John Toner, NUJ freelance organiser, said:

"Every image is protected by copyright, unless there is a statement to the contrary. No one should assume that an image can be reproduced without permission, or that it can be distorted to suggest a meaning opposite to the author’s intention. In this case, the distortion is very serious and a clear breach of the integrity right. All such infringements should be challenged."

Jess Hurd, NUJ member and photographer, said:

"It’s not every morning you wake up to accusations of manipulation and fakery across social media. After being up most of the night working, the last thing you want is someone manipulating your image to promote their warped politics. So this is a good news story. I threatened legal action via the NUJ and the copyright infringer removed his post. I would encourage other colleagues to seek advice from the union and actively challenge those who misrepresent our work."

View Jess Hurd’s picture for the campaign

The altered image replaced the words ‘sanctions now’ to ‘from Hamas’.

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