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NUJ information for world suicide prevention day

10 September 2013

The World Health Organisation's world suicide prevention day was Tuesday 10 September.

The NUJ has a resource for members when writing about suicide at a members-only section of the website.

 Paul Holleran, NUJ health & safety officer, said:

“The NUJ has played a leading role in highlighting the need for journalists to deal with the issues of mental health and suicide in a sensitive and thoughtful way. Reporting suicide carries a responsibility for writers and editors in regard to the most vulnerable and exposed members of society. It is essential to understand the serious implications that the language we use can have on those affected. Our practical guide for journalists The reporting of mental health and suicide has been held up as signpost to good practice and on this world suicide prevention day we recommend them to all media workers.”

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), which organises world suicide prevention day, is dedicated to preventing suicidal behaviour, to alleviate its effects, and to provide a forum for academics mental health professionals, crisis workers, volunteers and suicide survivors. Its aims are to:

  • to raise awareness of the problem of suicide and suicidal behaviour at a global level
  • to provide a common platform for all representatives engaged in the field of suicide prevention and crisis intervention to share and exchange knowledge, skills and experiences and develop collaboration
  • to encourage the interchange of acquired experience, knowledge and skills in various countries and regions for effective action
  • to facilitate the wider dissemination of the basics of effective suicide prevention to key stakeholders
  • to promote the establishment of national organizations for suicide prevention
  • to facilitate the wider dissemination of the fundamentals of effective suicide prevention to professional groups and to the general public
  • to promote programmes of research, especially those that can be pursued through international joint cooperation
  • to develop a forum in which suicide prevention strategies are developed, implemented and evaluated and the results disseminated

More information and resources can be found on the IASP's website

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