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NUJ Extra extends members' Covid-19 support to August

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3 July 2020

NUJ Extra, the union’s welfare charity, is extending its support for members affected by Covid-19 for a further two months, until August.

Chris Wheal, chair of the trustees, issued the following statement:

“Since April we have provided support to members who have lost income as a result of Covid-19, and so far, we have paid out for April, May and June. Funds do not permit us to provide open-ended support. Government support is scheduled to end in August. We intend to match that, making final payments for July and August.
"This means our support will have lasted for five months. By declaring now that we will withdraw our Covid-19 support from September, this gives recipients two months’ notice in order to plan ahead.
“Anyone in the NUJ Extra Covid-19 support scheme who wishes to retrain to tap into new sources of income will be supported. We make no judgement, and if for example you decide to leave journalism altogether, we will understand. If you can show a good case for us funding retraining or personal development costs, we will provide an additional grant of up to £250.
“Nothing in this statement prevents new claims from those members affected but who have not yet contacted us. We will support as many people as necessary and will continue to support people that fall outside the Covid 19 scheme in the usual way.”

The charity made changes to its criteria to deal with the coronavirus situation. 

You can make a DONATION or make an APPLICATION for aid.

If any members are having debt problems, whether or not you seek help the NUJ Extra the union’s lawyers, Thompsons, provide a debt support service for free to all NUJ members and maybe able to help negotiate payment terms with your creditors.


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