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NUJ solidarity with Palestinian journalists in Gaza

24 July 2014

As the Israeli military operation intensifies in Gaza, the NUJ parliamentary group has written to the UK government’s foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, demanding immediate action to secure the protection of journalists reporting in Gaza.

The letter, sent from John McDonnel MP, recognises:

"The vital role journalists play in documenting the horrors being inflicted, primarily on the population in Gaza, is crucial and must be urgently defended by our government."

The Trade Union Congress (TUC), representing trade unions across the UK, have issued a statement on Gaza that states:

"Many people have been killed going about their daily jobs such as health workers, teachers and journalists."

The TUC have also called for trade unionists to support the ‘stop the massacre in Gaza’ demonstration in London on Saturday 26 July starting at 12 noon outside the Israeli embassy.

In Ireland the ICTU is supporting a rally in Dublin that will assembly at the Spire, O’Connell Street, at 2pm on Saturday 26 August.

ICTU has issued a statement on Gaza.

Today the Palestinian Journalist Syndicate (PJS), the NUJ’s sister union in Palestine, have reported more than 20 local journalists have been displaced in Gaza, meaning that journalists and their families have been forced to evacuate their homes.

The journalists displaced so far include:

Journalists from Khan Younis -

  • Ahmad Fayyad
  • Mohammed Fayyad
  • Ibrahim Fayyad
  • Mahmoud Alathamneh

Journalists from Abasan -

  • Hatem Abu Daqqa
  • Fuad Abu Hamad

From central Gaza -

  • Imad Abdalrahman

From Beit Hanoon -

  • Nael Hamoudeh

From Nseirat -

  • Mahmoud El-Louh

From Jabalya -

  • Sami Abusalem   

Journalists from Shojaeyah -

  • Hanadi  Ahmad
  • Ziyad Awad
  • Mirvat Abu Jame'
  • Bothyna Shtewi    
  • Ala' Shmali
  • Mohammed Moheisen
  • Moemen Qoreiqe'
  • Majdi Qoreiqe'
  • Ala' Abu Shanab
  • Ahed Farawneh
  • Majed Habib

What can you do to help?

  1. Tweet your own personal message of support to the Palestine Journalist Syndicate @InfoPJS
  2. Write a message of support on the PJS facebook page
  3. Send messages from your chapel or branch, email and will be sent to PJS and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)
  4. Sign the Amnesty International letter to the UK Foreign Secretary to demand the UK immediately suspend all current arms sales and related equipment and technology to Israel. Sign the letter now
  5. Attend the demonstration in London on Saturday and/or support your nearest local solidarity event.

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