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NUJ denounces US government's communications data grab

26 January 2015

Sarah Harrison, British citizen and investigations editor of Wikileaks, has had all her emails and digital data handed over to the US government by Google. It took two and a half years to provide the details and the delay has potentially limited her ability to challenge the communications data grab.

According to reports, the US justice department order included IP addresses and all emails (including sent, received, drafts and deleted) with details of the email date, time, size and length. The FBI has also demanded records relating to her internet accounts including telephone numbers, credit cards and/or bank account numbers.

The data grab raises huge concerns for any journalist using Google in the course of their work.

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ general secretary, said:

"State authorities in the US and UK have been snooping on journalists' communications and grabbing their data. Just like the RIPA powers in the UK, WikiLeaks staff had communications secretly raided by the US authorities and have only found out much later.
"Supporting public interest journalism is vital, which is why journalists' unions around the world are united in fighting to ensure that journalism can flourish unhindered in order that citizens have access to vital information."

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