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NUJ calls Murdoch's empathy into question

4 July 2013

Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary of the National Union of Journalists, has responding to the publication of the covertly-recorded meeting with Rupert Murdoch and staff of the Sun. She said:

"News UK's response has been to say that Murdoch was showing 'understandable empathy' with his staff.
"He's about as empathetic as he is humbled. Murdoch set up the Management and Standards Committee and, at the same time as setting up shop with the Metropolitan Police, he threw his staff to the wolves.

"Data was handed over to the police as an act of corporate damage limitation – there was no consideration of public interest tests, there was no thought to the consequences of outing journalistic sources, and there was no consideration the impact on staff who've worked loyally for Murdoch's titles and done as they've been told.

"It's a bit late to say he is sticking up for his staff when he has already sold them down the river and put their sources at risk. It is a core principle of the NUJ that sources and whistle-blowers are always protected, and Murdoch and his executives at News UK trashed that principle without a thought to the consequences."

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