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NUJ calls for unity on anti-union laws at TUC

14 September 2010

The NUJ's delegation to the TUC Congress in Manchester has made a number of key interventions in debates, including employment rights.

Donnacha DeLong, NUJ vice-president, said that, like the RMT and Unite unions, the NUJ had fallen foul of the anti-trade union laws this year and was forced to back down from an industrial action ballot after a high court challenge from Johnston Press.

Smaller unions faced the very real threat of bankruptcy or sequestration caused by legal costs, and all unions should recognise that successful use of the anti-trade union laws by a single employer was an attack on the entire union movement.

He urged unions to support one another wherever possible, particularly financially, to help ensure they could take legal action when necessary.

Pete Murray, NUJ president, raised the issue of the police's habitual use of anti-terror legislation to prevent bona fide newsgathering. He cited examples photographer members of the union who had faced this interference. 

Tom Davies spoke up for a pan-union recruitment drive in the debate on trade union outreach. He said a full-blooded recruitment campaign was needed to build the strength of the entire movement and help fight the threat of job and pay cuts and anti-union employers.

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